At Quartzite Processing, Inc., we specialize in precision grinding and machining services working with a wide range of materials, including ceramic, ferrite, quartz, and more. With the ability to fabricate and finish hard materials, our highly skilled team can deliver high-quality parts that meet your specific tolerance requirements. If your project requires the best in precision, quality control, timeliness, and service, turn to the experts at Quartzite.

Quartzite Processing, Inc.’s Grinding Size Capabilities

At Quartzite, you’ll find specialists who devote themselves exclusively to fabricating and finishing hard materials. Our skilled craftsmen have years of specialized knowledge and can machine all parts to specified tolerances. With our facilities geared towards accuracy and our thorough knowledge of grinding materials, we’re confident that Quartzite Processing offers a far more cost-effective and low-risk solution than outsourced competition overseas.

Our grinding and machining capabilities include:

Ceramic Grinding & Machining

Compared to traditional grinding methods, ceramic grinding uses a grinding wheel to remove tiny chips from the surface of the workpiece. Because these chips are very brittle and hard, the process requires highly specialized tooling and methods.

Ceramic machining involves the design and manufacture of precision components. At Quartzite, our ceramic grinding and machining capabilities include ID grinding, OD grinding, honing, ultrasonic drilling, and much more. With these capabilities, we can deliver highly precise components that adhere to tight tolerances.

Ferrite Machining

Ferrite is made by mixing iron oxide with different metallic elements, such as zinc, nickel, or barium. The resulting inorganic material is a magnetized ceramic component often used in the construction of items like speakers and transformers. Due to its magnetic properties, ferrite is a difficult material to machine without the proper equipment. Quartzite has the necessary skills and equipment to machine and grind ferrite materials to meet the needs of various industries.

Surface Grinding

In surface grinding, a spinning wheel coated in rough particles smooths a surface by removing chips of metallic or non-metallic material. This common finishing technique produces smooth surface textures with high precision. Because the process is capable of achieving finishes that are both attractive and functional, it is well-suited for a wide range of applications. Our precision surface grinding capabilities allow us to meet the needs of even the most challenging projects.

Quartz Machining

Quartz is one of the most abundant materials found in the Earth’s crust. Composed of one part silicon and two parts oxygen, it is a popular choice for many applications. In addition to its availability, quartz is highly resistant to chemical and physical wear, and it’s capable of vibrating at precise frequencies. However, its hardness presents many machining challenges without the proper equipment. At Quartzite, we utilize diamond tooling capable of machining and grinding hard and durable materials such as quartz with optimal precision.

Customer Supplied Materials

Do you have a customer-supplied product that needs quick-turnaround machining? Quartzite would be happy to provide the machining for you. Send us your customer-supplied materials and we’ll take care of the machining.

Grinding Size Capabilities

Below you can find our grinding size capabilities. For more information, please contact us.